Youth Soccer & COVID-19


COVID-19 has impacted all walks of life in 2020. Recently, the Wall Street Journal indicated that as many as 4 million small businesses may not survive the pandemic. In the soccer world, MLS announced it would lose as much as $1 billion this season, and around the world, some of the largest clubs in the world have implemented layoffs, furloughs and pay cuts. How has the youth soccer community been impacted by the pandemic?

We look at this question and much more on our show with our guest Kevin Payne, one of the most experienced and accomplished soccer executives in the game today. Kevin is the CEO of US Club Soccer and has served in leadership roles across a wide range of the soccer landscape over the course of his career. 

In addition to the impact the pandemic has had on youth soccer, we take a look at the overall landscape of the youth game today and Kevin touches on a number of topics ranging from the different leagues and competitive platforms to identifying some of the things we do well as a community in addition to some of the deficiencies and areas of opportunity.

Kevin also shares some of his vast experience in comparing and contrasting our approach and culture to his experiences and observations around the world, including in Spain where US Club and La Liga have partnered to develop a coach education program.

There’s no shortage of experience, perspective and opinion with Kevin and so there’s a lot in the discussion that offers something interesting for everyone about where youth soccer stands today.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

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