College Recruitment in 2021



“There’s a lot of panic buying going on.”

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the college recruiting process and there’s no playbook from which players and coaches can draw wisdom. It’s unchartered territory and everyone is dealing with things as best as possible.

The NCAA dead period has been extended to the end of May. There has been no in person recruiting since March of last year. It will be 14 months since coaches can evaluate players in person when the dead period is over . . . if there are no further delays.

What are college programs doing to deal with these restrictions?

What will be the impact of players looking to take their extra year of eligibility granted from the NCAA? Will all this just end with the class of 2022?

Or are there issues that are not as obvious that could come into play down the road?

Will there be more transfer activity as a result of these issues? Will that cause other domino effects for recruits and programs?

Should high school players look to take a gap year and sit out this noise? Or will the landscape be any better a year from now?

Most importantly, what can players do to best position themselves in a difficult situation?

We dive into these questions and more with a great group of panelists to walk us through their observations on what they are seeing.

Jeff Negalha from NC State’s men’s program, Tim Santoro from NC State’s women’s program and Travis Clark from Top Drawer Soccer join us to offer their thoughts on how this might play out as the process unfolds as well as some suggestions on what players can do to make the best of the situation.

While there are no easy fixes and everyone is in the same boat, we hope this discussion offers some context and perspective that is useful to players trying to navigate the process.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the discussion!

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